Maschinen + Technik Vogt GmbH applies three different technologies for joining plastics. They are set apart by their methods, their suitability for the geometry of the components, their cycle times and factors that concern their economy.


Ultrasound, a highly versatile and exceptionally innovative technology! When welding thermoplastics using ultrasonic energy, the welder creates an inseparable bond between two or several parts. Each connection requires a weld joint that is designed in a way that perfectly suits the material, the geometry and the position of the two components to be joined. The process follows a basic rule: the weld joint design needs to guarantee a high level of repeatability at minimum risk when the joint is reproduced in a welding machine.

Hot Plate + Infrared

The method of joining thermoplastics using a hot plate under contact heat and pressure as well as infrared radiation is an excellent choice for large-surface plastic parts and parts with a spatially shaped geometry of the joining area.


Rotation welding offers an effective and efficient way to join thermoplastic materials. The fusion heat necessary to plasticise the contact surfaces of the corresponding components is generated by a rotational movement that is completed under pressure, resulting in interfacial friction.