Scope of supply

Feed units with different frequency and stroke lengths. We always engineer and manufacture our products in accordance with the individual requests and requirements of our customers.


Detailed description:

A feed unit designed for ultrasonic welding is a positioning and pressing unit for ultrasonic welding units that serves the purpose of setting up semi-automatic and fully automatic welding stations. The welding unit is lowered or raised to the welded joint along a linear guide by a double-acting pneumatic cylinder, and its position can be monitored and controlled by sensors and displacement transducers.

The feed units are compatible with the welding stacks made by Maschinen + Technik Vogt GmbH, which are composed of a converter, a booster and a application-specific sonotrode serving as the welding tool. The welding stack is positioned in the groove of the feed unit by the retainer ring found on the booster and subsequently screwed to the cover. The resulting connection creates a form and force-fitting bond between the feed unit and the welding stack. It is also possible to manufacture the feed unit as special designs that include, for instance, a different stroke length or a different type of cylinder.

The feed unit possesses the following product characteristics:

Installation position:


Operating pressure:

1-8 bar

Cylinder diameter:  

Ø32 / Ø50 / Ø63 or non-standard diameters

Cylinder stroke:

60 / 80 / 100 / 120 mm or non-standard strokes

Frequency range:

20 kHz, 35 kHz or non-standard frequencies