Ultrasonic welding machine with sound insulating equipment for automotive interior furnishings

This ultrasonic welding machine operates with four plane welding fixtures and welds together a box with resonance properties. This process generates tremendous forces.

Ultrasonic machine with material feeding system

The material used for welding the components is supplied to the worker via roller conveyors and carts. The parts are fused together by special-purpose ultrasonic systems.

Ultrasonic welding machine for the automotive industry

Mirrored components from interiors in automotive vehicles are welded in parallel at several individual welding spots by two ultrasonic welding machines.

MTV-SUS 20 kHz with a special design

We built the MTV-SUS with a reinforced design for applications that require high welding pressures. To achieve this extra strength, the entire mechanical base of the machine was reinforced. The length of the sonotrode is 320mm.

MTV-SUS 35kHz with sliding table

We fitted our standard ultrasonic welding machine MTV-SUS, which is designed for the bi-directional welding of components, with a sliding table to accommodate the special geometry of the components. The machine is used to drive a steel nut into a plastic body by ultrasonic staking.

Ultrasonic welding equipment for highly sensitive components

This machine was specially designed for fusing light strips onto highly sensitive painted components used for the interior of vehicles in the automotive industry.

Ultrasonic fixture with sophisticated holder

This special-purpose holder allows the ultrasonic machine to produce welding results without impressions and without the need for an additional protective film. The matching sonotrode with its 3D contours was manufactured based on CAD models and adapted exactly to the component.

Ultrasonic cutting machine

This belt cutting machine is equipped with ultrasound and a stacking device. The machine can handle recipes for different lengths and interfaces. As an option, the machine can cut the material to length with or without contour cutting using a cold or hot knife.

Twin-head ultrasonic welding machine for plunge welding

This ultrasonic welding machine was designed and developed for plunge welding in such applications as the welding of a felt cover in the automotive industry. It is equipped with a so-called twin head as it operates with two welding heads.

Ultrasonic welding fixture for special meshes

Arranged in a convex set-up, this ultrasonic welding fixture is used in the automotive industry to fuse special meshes onto plastic. The mesh is tensioned pneumatically using a mesh stretcher. The sonotrode is guided in tangential direction in relation to the tool holder, and the interfaces are standardised.

Ultrasonic welding machine with robotic parts loading

The components processed by this machine are loaded by a 6-axis robot. A linear conveying system feeds the products and transports them further. Products categorised as NOK are channelled out at a special station. To reduce overall noise emissions, the machine is encased completely in a sound insulating cabinet fitted with pneumatic doors that allow the product to enter and exit the machine.

High-performance ultrasonic welding machine

This ultrasonic welding machine is equipped with 14 welding stacks and offers infinitely variable welding distances. It is used to weld sheet material that comes in packages. Parts are loaded in fully automatic fashion by various types of handling systems. The machine delivers a welding capacity of up to 5,000 watts per unit.

Filter pocket making

This machine was designed and engineered for the fully automatic manufacture of filter pockets with special geometries in small to large batch sizes. The pockets are welded together using ultrasound, while the adjustment options for length, width, and cutting angle are variable.

Ultrasonic die-cutting machine

This machine was designed for die cutting and sealing blanks for multi-layer materials of different sizes. The machine is equipped with a material feeder. Several million die cutting operations without any faults testify to the superior quality of this machine.

Ultrasonic welding fixture with special holder

The distinguishing feature of this ultrasonic welding fixture is its workpiece holder which makes it possible to weld chrome-plated / highly-sensitive components without running the risk of leaving any impressions. To achieve this capability, the holder was given a special plastic material lining, while its contours were machined based on CAD data.

Production line

This extensive production line is equipped with a fully automatic workpiece handling system. Integrated into this line are several ultrasonic applications.