MTV-RSM with boosted torque

In this machine, the torque of the standard rotation welding machine MTV-RSM was increased by means of drive with servo motor and gearbox.

MTV-RSM with sliding table

This version of the standard MTV-RSM machine is used to weld vacuum containers.  It is fitted with a sliding table to accommodate the geometry of the components.

Rotation welding machine with hot plate

This machine merges rotation technology with hot plate technology. The thermoplastics (nozzles) are fused by means of rotation welding. At the same time, the threaded sleeves are thermally embedded using a special-purpose feed unit.

MTV-RSM - Special Design

This machine is capable of machining components with a maximum size of Ø 400x630mm. It is furnished with a servo-electric drive including angle cut-off and operates with a torque of > 400 Nm. It also lets the operator document the entire welding process.