Hot caulking using hot stamp

Hot caulking machine for interior trims in automobiles

The feature that sets hot caulking apart from other techniques is the material used for the hot plate, as it prevents the caulking material from sticking or running.  This special-purpose machine is used to caulk chrome-plated components onto a black base frame. The machine was engineered for interior trim installations in the automotive industry. The work compartment is designed for the simultaneous fusing of two components.  The fact that scores of systems and machines of this kind are used across the industry attests to the success of this technology.

Series of hot plate machines

The standardised hot plate machines included in this series are used for the production of similar and, for the most part, mirrored and duplicated components.  These machines are furnished with a sliding table along with one or several welding positions.

Hot plate machine for several components

This hot plate machine uses eight hot plates and eight feed units to weld several mirrored components which have the same external geometry.

Hot caulking machine for glove boxes in automobiles

The machine is equipped with 22 hot plate welding units that are designed for fusing thermoplastic plastics to glove boxes in automobiles. The workpiece holder is positioned for welding under the hot plate by means of a sliding table.

Hot caulking machine for interior fans in automobiles

The interior fans are fused by hot caulking. Among other things, the machine is equipped with standard feed units, a pneumatic sliding table and a light curtain.

Hot caulking machine as a complete assembly cell

The machine is composed of three stations: (1) pre-assembly and initial welding of the component, (2) subsequent steps to assemble the component according to instructions given on the TP and (3) final welding including function test, camera monitoring and label printer with label feedback on the component.

Hot plate machine for the automotive industry

Manufactured for the needs of the automotive industry, this hot plate welding machine is fitted with a tool holder and hot mirror that feature a swivel design. The tools can be changed in less than 2 minutes. The machine allows for the fusing of 8 workpieces at a time.

Hot caulking with E-rivets