The holder shown here was designed as a combination holder. Inside the combination holder, covers are welded to filters. This holder makes it possible to insert all four sides at the same time and to fix them in place inside the prisms using toggle clamps. The holder can be moved to all four positions by means of a spring-loaded pressure piece.

Sample applications

Ultrasonic welding fixture with special holder

The distinguishing feature of this ultrasonic welding fixture is its workpiece holder which makes it possible to weld chrome-plated / highly-sensitive components without running the risk of leaving any impressions. To achieve this capability, the holder was given a special plastic material lining, while its contours were machined based on CAD data.

Ultrasonic fixture with sophisticated holder

This special-purpose holder allows the ultrasonic machine to produce welding results without impressions and without the need for an additional protective film. The matching sonotrode with its 3D contours was manufactured based on CAD models and adapted exactly to the component.