Sample applications

MTV-SUS 35kHz with sliding table

We fitted our standard ultrasonic welding machine MTV-SUS, which is designed for the bi-directional welding of components, with a sliding table to accommodate the special geometry of the components. The machine is used to drive a steel nut into a plastic body by ultrasonic staking.

Hot caulking machine for interior trims in automobiles

The feature that sets hot caulking apart from other techniques is the material used for the hot plate, as it prevents the caulking material from sticking or running.  This special-purpose machine is used to caulk chrome-plated components onto a black base frame. The machine was engineered for interior trim installations in the automotive industry. The work compartment is designed for the simultaneous fusing of two components.  The fact that scores of systems and machines of this kind are used across the industry attests to the success of this technology.