Aside from superior ease of use and a host of possible applications, the MTV-RSM delivers product results of stellar quality. Its short welding times make its use both effective and efficient and afford the owner a short amortisation period. The MTV-RSM also sets itself apart with its exact angle cut-off from maximum speed. The machine's capabilities can be further expanded by such equipment options as displacement transducer, proportional technology, compact ejector, welding parameter evaluation via TCP/IP in Excel format and connection to the company network.

Technical specifications:


Machine: 400 x 1060 x 600 mm (WxHxD) without crank Frame: 760 x 1000 x 1045 mm (WxHxD)

Overhang from centre to column

max. 150 mm

Distance from drive flange to tool clamping plate

180 - 315 mm (without adapter) adjustable


23-100 Nm, briefly higher


1 to 3500 rpm

Input pressure

min. 6 bar constant

Electrical connection

3 x 400 V / 50 Hz


Machine: approx. 90 kg
Frame: approx. 110 kg (with control cabinet)

Height adjustment

 up to 135 mm


 1 to 100 mm

Compact ejector for vacuum functions

 of parts check, auxiliary loading device for upper part

max. current

3 x 16 A, 5 x 2.5 mm²

Clamping force

up to 1950 N (at 6 bar)

Evaluation and logging

Parameter evaluation via TCP / IP in Excel format as well as connection to the company network (option)

Ambient conditions

Temperature: +15 to +40 °C
Humidity: 30 - 95 %
Altitude (above sea level): 1000 m

Displacement transducer

0 to 100 mm (option)

Tool holder

top (rotating): Ø 60 x 15 mm (DxH) bottom: 295 x 295 mm (WxD)

Angle cut-off

exact angle cut-off at +/-1° from maximum speed


Welding Tools

In addition to ultrasonic welding tools, Maschinen + Technik Vogt GmbH can also supply you with welding tools that are based on other technologies such as individual hot plates or rotation tools.

Tool Holders

The counterpart to the sonotrode/welding tool is the form-fitting tool holder

Sliding Tables

If the geometric shapes of the component or the tool holder do not allow for the insertion or removal of the component, a so-called sliding table can be used to accomplish these tasks.

Sound protection hoods, sound insulating cabinets

Depending on the size and noise level of the components to be welded, noise emissions can be lowered by either a sound protection hood or an entire sound insulating cabinet.

MTV-RSM individual

MTV-RSM with boosted torque

In this machine, the torque of the standard rotation welding machine MTV-RSM was increased by means of drive with servo motor and gearbox.

MTV-RSM with sliding table

This version of the standard MTV-RSM machine is used to weld vacuum containers.  It is fitted with a sliding table to accommodate the geometry of the components.

MTV-RSM - Special Design

This machine is capable of machining components with a maximum size of Ø 400x630mm. It is furnished with a servo-electric drive including angle cut-off and operates with a torque of > 400 Nm. It also lets the operator document the entire welding process.