Welding Tools

In addition to ultrasonic welding tools, Maschinen + Technik Vogt GmbH can also supply you with welding tools that are based on other technologies such as individual hot plates or rotation tools.

Tool Holders

The counterpart to the sonotrode/welding tool is the form-fitting tool holder

Sliding Tables

If the geometric shapes of the component or the tool holder do not allow for the insertion or removal of the component, a so-called sliding table can be used to accomplish these tasks.

Sound protection hoods, sound insulating cabinets

Depending on the size and noise level of the components to be welded, noise emissions can be lowered by either a sound protection hood or an entire sound insulating cabinet.

CNC Machining Centre

Maschinen + Technik Vogt GmbH supports you with their expertise in the field of mechanical CNC machining and helps you manufacture milled and turned parts - whether you require prototypes, spare parts, individual components or series production parts. Since we employ the latest 3D CAM software, we are always your go-to partner even when you are faced with the most daunting challenges and requirements of the highest order.