Seal installation

This machine was designed and engineered for the installation and leak test of valves.

Test box for light modules

The objective of this test box is to detect defects in light modules by means of projection. The test is performed using an aspherical lens that has been designed especially for this purpose and whose projection is captured and analysed, respectively, by a camera and a special software application. The test accompanies production 100%.

Ultrasonic embossing machine

This machine was designed for the embossing of identifiers, symbols and labels onto components and materials. The size of the embossing is customisable. For this purpose, the ultrasonic sonotrodes are given a positive coding.

Assembly fixture

The push-on fixture is used to join two components using a two-hand pneumatic control. The exchange holders are contour-fitting. The fixture can handle a total of 4 different joining processes.

Pressure differential test system for the automotive industry

This fixture is designed to measure the pressure difference in fuel lines used in the automotive industry. The necessary adjustments to the fixture are made by pneumatic feed units. The fixture offers 4 different retooling options.

Pressure differential test system

This pressure differential test system can be used to subject three different products to a leak test. To increase its cycle time, the machine was fitted with a dual component inspection system. The recipes are preselected on the touch panel.

Testing device for cartridges

Developed for testing high-speed ink jet printheads, this device is designed to accommodate cartridge types of various shapes and sizes. Featuring a combination tool holder, the device can be adapted to all cartridges without the need for tools.

Ultrasonic cutting machine

This belt cutting machine is equipped with ultrasound and a stacking device. The machine can handle recipes for different lengths and interfaces. As an option, the machine can cut the material to length with or without contour cutting using a cold or hot knife.

Automatic bolt driver for plastics

This automatic bolt driver for plastics comes with an automatic component feeder and an integrated quick tool changing system.

Differential pressure testing device

This fixture is used to test two components of different types for leaks. It is equipped with an OK/NOK testing device, and its programs are selected on the touch panel.